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甜睡安神茶 Stressless Sleeping Tea

甜睡安神茶 Stressless Sleeping Tea

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成分 | 桂花、茉莉花、薰衣草、洋甘菊、迷迭香、炒酸棗仁
功效 | 提升睡眠質素,緩和緊張、安定情緒
份量 | 10 茶包
沖泡方法 | 將養生茶包放入杯中,用開水沖洗一遍,再注入熱開水焗10分鐘可飲。可重複沖泡兩次或無味為止。

Ingredients | Osmanthus fragrans, Jasmine, Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary, Ziziphus spinosa seed
Benefits | Relieve stress to promote better sleep
Pack Size | 10 teabags
Brewing Instruction | 1.Infuse 350ml hot water 2.Brew for 10 minutes 3.Re-brew 2-3 times until no flavor

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